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What people are saying about Innate Sense 

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Read what people are saying about out Reiki, Massage, Ashiatsu, Health Coaching
and Holistic Healing services in the reviews below

Very clean and comfortable place. I have been suffering with back pain and severe sciatica. I am not new to recieving massages... or so I thought. Monique gave me one of the best massages Ive ever had. I left feeling amazing and relieved of months of pain. That relief continued through the day and into the next. I am so happy I found her. A true master of her trade!

- Matt G

Monique is genuine in how she cares about clients. She listens intently to help determine where she can help and the best course of action. I am super excited to start my coaching sessions with her. She has a positive energy that illuminates a room and all who meet her.

- Angela R

Wow! I have been looking for space to feed my senses in my cycle of self care. I literally stumbled upon Innate Sense Wellnes Solutions! Monique was awesome, a delight, I felt so comfortable I found myself even sitting on the floor while we talked. I have already told some of my friends about Innate Sense. Innate Sense will be part of my wellness future.

- Kris V

Amazing! I suffer from so much stress and anxiety and going to Innate Sense was part of my firm step forward to take care of myself. I am SO happy I did. I met with Monique and she was totally understood what I was going through and she was easy to talk to and completely understood what I needed. After our initial consultation, she gave me a treatment which was wonderful. I will be working closely with Monique on a long-term treatment plan. I have never done aromatherapy before but I am definitely a believer now! Highly recommended!


My second visit and massage treatment and (again) I was amazed at how transformative it was. I have a high stress job that has resulted in chronic illness and working with Monique has been life changing. highly recommended for the working mom!

- Claudia L

Wonderful and relaxing experience with Monique!

- Suzanne B

Monique's the master of the Ashiatsu bars. The massage feels even better a couple days out. Thanks Monique!

- Anonymous

Another terrific massage! I had been traveling a lot in the last couple of months and really needed it. Monique was able to work out all my knots and I felt great afterwards.

- Jorge T

Great massage from Monique. Had some quads that were really tight after a week-long bike ride that she was able to loosen up. I feel great and I'm going back for sure!

- Anonymous

Monique was awesome!

- Stacy G

I saw Monique on this day and she listened to me as I went through my back and arm pain story then we came up with a plan. She was very understanding and did everything she could to work out my kinks. She is absolutely lovely!

- Jeannine D

Enjoyed a much needed cupping session yesterday by Monique. Very serene, relaxing space; professional environment; and a knowledgable and compassionate therapist who listened to my needs and expectations and met them with ease. I look forwatd to booking future appointments with Innate Sense.

- Kyna F

This was the second time I saw Monique for an ashiatsu massage. It was excellent! She is able to get the right pressure for me (deep tissue) and I leave feeling much more relaxed than when I come in. I booked a whole package after this session; I'm hooked.

- Jorge T

Monique is quite amazing!! She talks to you before and takes her time finding out your needs. Then she gives the best massage! I definitely recommend her!!

- Tawny P

Fantastic massage from Monique! 1.5 hours felt like 10 minutes which is too bad because the massage was exceptional. Truly an Ashiatsu grand master :)

- Anonymous

Monique was great! The whole massage experience was excellent. It was my first Ashiatsu massage and I really liked it.

- Jorge T

Loved the Ashiatsu massage from Monique! She also had great ideas for ways I can deal with muscle cramps and reminded me how important vitamin D3 is. More than a massage. Thanks Monique!

- Anonymous

I have had such a fantastic experience with innate sense. I've been twice so far, and both times, Monique has left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. She is great at personalizing for what is going on with my body, and she is so sweet and helpful!

- Annie R

Fantastic massage by Monique! I can't come in as often as I used to so I appreciate her massages that much more, if possible. Her Ashiatsu massage is great at getting at knots and opening up hips. Really great, thanks Monique!

- Anonymous

Was fortunate to once again have Monique's incredible Ashiatsu Massage. Everything felt better afterwards. Thanks Monique!

- Anonymous

Was fortunate to once again have Monique's incredible Ashiatsu Massage. Everything felt better afterwards. Thanks Monique!

- Anonymous

I had such a wonderful experience and massage with Monique. Truly one of the best massages I have ever had! I highly recommend her!

- Anonymous

Great as usual! I'm so glad I discovered Innate Sense. I especially love going to Monique. She provides a calming experience from the moment you walk through the door.

- Anonymous

Much needed massage from Monique was perfect. It had been a while since my last massage and my body was a little out of whack. Monique worked the areas that needed it most using Ashiatsu, hot stone and conventional massage and used essential oils to help release the really stuck muscles. Not painful and very effective. Thanks again Monique!

- Anonymous

Excellent massage from an excellent massage therapist. Monique's Ashiatsu massage is something special. She uses her feet to release muscles I think would be difficult to release with her hands. Tight hips no more. Thank you Monique for a incredible massage.


This was my first time indulging in an one hour massage. Monique was awesome. I would definitely repeat sometime soon.

- Anonymous

Monique's massage was one for the ages. Best one yet. I have been going to her for a little while now and her massages just keeps getting better. Her Ashiatsu massage is something special and her use of Essential Oils to enhance the massage just makes it better. Thanks for the great massage!

- Anonymous

Monique got me relaxed and rejuvenated post-marathon. My muscle recovery has never been quicker!

- Anonymous

Monique gave me a wonderful massage!

- Anonymous

Monique has the touch. Excellent massage. Use of essential oils is a bonus. They work to aid relaxation of muscles and mind.

- Robert L

Fantastic massage and great advice on proper use of oils.Monique is truly a multi-dimensional healer. Her Ashiatsu massage is the best.

- Anonymous

I thought the sessi was excellent. I truly appreciated the time Monique took to understand specifically my intent and then design the appropriate work to do

- Glenn G

My massage with Monique was fantastic. She has a really good sense of what needs work. It seems like her goal is to fix what's wrong and provide as much relief as possible. I appreciate her dedication and talent and am lucky to have found her.

- Anonymous

Monique always gives both mind and body the very best care and attention. She really does have an innate sense of what's needed. The facility is clean and relaxing. She listens intently, she is knowledgeable, and she is much stronger than she looks!

- Anonymous

Once again a fantastic massage from Monique Clark. I often leave her office thinking that was the 'best massage every' only to get a better one the next time I visit! Or it seems that way anyway. Her Ashiatsu massage is first rate for dealing with tight, stubborn muscles. Her cupping is great for releasing the fascia which helps with blood flow to those muscles. And Monique often adds hot stone massage to release cramping muscles. Very impressive. Monique is a remarkably well-rounded therapist that has skills in just about every area of personal wellness. And of course I eat better because of her too. Thank you Monique!

- Anonymous

Monique is a fantastic massage therapist but she is much more than that. Her extensive knowledge of essential oils and nutrition give her additional tools to heal what ails the body. I have finally taken her advice on how to really take care of my body, oils, stretching and nutrition, and I feel great. Thank you Monique for your desire and willingness to share what you've learned. If I could give Monique six stars I would.

- Anonymous

Anoither phenomenal massage from Monique. I swear she hits all the right spots and makes the pain and tightness disappear. Thank you Monique - you are truly a great massage therapist.

- Anonymous

First rate massage (as usual!) from Monique! Her Ashiatsu massage is a great deep tissue massage that works wonders at getting the kinks out and putting stuff back where it's supposed to be. I highly recommend her for her massage and her insights into health and general well-being.

- Anonymous

Monique is fantastic. Her deep tissue work doesn't feel like deep tissue work but it is. Using Ashiatsu she releases deep knots effectively and with minimal discomfort. She really knows her stuff. Her skill as a massage therapist is enhanced by her through knowledge of nutrition and how the body responds to different diets (and junk food...). Her knowledge of essential oils makes her an extremely well rounded therapist and I am definitely going back.

- Anonymous

I have tried many different types of massage therapy but my favorite is Ashiatsu. Using her feet Monique can work out the most stubborn knots and tame the tightest hamstrings in the Bay Area, mine. I feel fortunate to have found Monique and Innate Sense. The massage therapy is great and Monique has introduced me to many different types of therapies such as cupping, sound therapy and essential oils. Monique is always looking to improve on an already great product.

- Anonymous


While in San Jose for a business meeting I located Innate Sense in Willow Glen. It was my first experience with Ashiatsu style therapy. Monique is HIGHLY skilled and much recommended. I have had message all over the world and the experience and therapy she provided was among, if not, the best I've encountered.

- Mike S

After years of suffering daily pain in my left scapula area (back of shoulder), Monique resolved my pain in 3 massages. I had tried PT and chiropractic care with little effect. I am thrilled with how well I am feeling and moving! Monique truly knows her craft! Her knowledge about essential oils and wonderful studio are added bonuses!

- Cristin B

I had a massage and a foot detox. Monique is amazing! She has the hands of an angel. I was completely relaxed and I felt like a new person.

- Evelyn E

Excellent massage by Monique! Ashiatsu is great for deep tissue work.

- Anonymous

This was my first session with Monique and innate Sense. She was very professional with her primary concern on my comfort and to have the best message possible. My session included 15 minutes to review my health and general concerns. We agreed upon the custom integrated massage a blend of swedish, deep tissue and reflexology. All Monique asked me during the massage was to concentrate on deep breathing and she took care of the rest. Her hands were magic. She knew the problem areas and some I was not aware of and I left my one hour session feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. I plan to schedule another appt in the near future .

- Leonard G L

I reached out to Innate Sense with a splitting headache and horrible lower back pain, being 8+ months pregnant can be uncomfortable. I received one of the best massages I have ever had. Not only was Monique very knowledgeable about massage techniques for my condition, she was a lifesaver. When I left, my headache was gone, my back pain was alleviated and I felt better than I had in a month. My only regret is not knowing about Innate sooner, I could be have been enjoying the benefits of massage therapy long before I really needed it. We are very happy campers :)

- Elyse M

The space is relaxing, the oils are amazing, and Monique can truly find where all of my tight spots are and massage them out. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a massage but here! Love this place.

- Anonymous

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