Wellness Professional Mentorship Program

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Wellness Business Foundations Coaching Program

A 9 Month Program

For heart based Wellness Practitioners, Healers and Holistic Health Professionals who are ready to launch their business and learn the business skills that are necessary to attract their ideal clients, and create substancial income.

When  you enroll in this program you will spend 9 months birthing a business with a strong foundation that will.

Monique’s coaching and mentoring programs have been designed to help women create healthy lives and thriving businesses. With Monique’s experience of building 3 successful businesses from the ground up she is committed to helping other women birth and grow their businesses so that they can share their unique offerings with the world to create a healing ripple throughout the world, and create generational wealth.


Marci Shimoff

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The biggest struggle I had before beginning my work with Monique was that I did not know where to start, how to organize my thoughts into actions or what was actually important at this stage in beginning my business. I would tend to procrastinate because I couldn't find my starting point. Monique gave me tools to organize my thoughts and ideas and a few tasks for my homework each week which helped me gain confidence as I was able to cross tasks off my list. Learning to set thoughts into action without hesitations truly a game changer for me. I have finished my website, purchased a business license and logo for my business, opened an official business account, gained a paying client and am almost finished creating an online program that I can market to Mothers and women who need a jump start in their own health and wellness. 

Confidence and the feeling of support have resulted from working with Monique. Another person who can hold space for my dreams and believes that I have what it takes has made a world of difference in my motivation and dedication. 

I would say, invest in yourself. I would recommend Monique to anyone who is looking for support, a mentor, and guidance in their business or personal growth. Any challenge that I experienced or any doubt that I had Monique was able to offer real, raw advice, tools and empathy.

Kasey Rose ~

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