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Monique teaches and inspires her clients to create and live a healthy quality life holistsically. Monique has been a Holistic Bodywork Therapist and Integrative Health Coach for the past 22 years and is the founder of Innate Healing Arts, LLC. She has owned and operated Innate Sense Wellness Center, and The Gathering Space Yoga Studio in Willow Glen. With extensive Holistic Integrative Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, and Yoga training Monique has dedicated her life to continue to learn and help others create their custom designed optimal wellness lifestyle


Monique is a wife and mother of two humans & two dogs. In her “spare” time she enjoys being a hermit in her home of the Santa Cruz Mountains, reading by the fire, gardening, connecting with nature, learning about plant medicines and traveling the world to experience different cultures with her husband Jason.

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