Frequently asked questions

Does Innate Sense accept insurance?

No, Innate Sense does not accept insurance, at this time but we hope to in the future. Still if you have a doctor who can write you a prescription for massage therapy, you are able to use your FSA account or get reimbursed.

How often should I get massages or other treatments?

Depending on your lifestyle, and the issues that you have that determines how often to come in. Innate Sense treats clients with chronic pain who come in weekly, athletes and tri-athletes usually come bi-weekly for help with endurance and injury prevention. Innate Sense also works with many corporate executives who come in for stress management, neck, shoulder, back and wrist issues from working on computers for hours a day. The minimum individuals should come in for self care treatments is once every six weeks.

What should I do to prepare for a massage?

To prepare for a massage or any other bodywork treatment clients should drink plenty of water, be freshly showered and arrive 15 minutes before their appointment to fill out an intake form and consult with the therapist before the treatment.

What can I do to get the most benefit out of my treatment?

Allow time and space after your treatment to stay in a relaxed state. Continue to drink lots of water! Take a bath with Epson or Dead Sea salts and essential oils. How can a health coach benefit me? A health coach can help you establish your personal goals, and give you an action plan to attain and maintain your health and wellness goals. Coaches are a guide to keep you on your path with accountability, expertise knowledge on the subject, and an objective view of circumstances.