Energy Healing

Reiki Healing Session

A healing technique based on the principle of energy healing. The therapist acts as a conduit of universal healing energy that flows through to client working on the energetic bodies and levels of healing. This healing art helps to balance the chakras and release trauma and energetic blockages. 

(60) $105 (90) $150 (120) $195

Life Purpose Guidance

You are here for a reason, do you know what that is? Let us help to guide you to figure out what your soul is searching for this lifetime. If you are feeling stagnant with no or little direction in what is next in your life, this session will give you the next step to help you along in your personal life journey. Get out of the cycles of ending up in the same place or in the same negative relationships. Your spirit is ready to grow, evolve and live fulfilled! 

(30) $65 (90) $125

Angel Card Readings 

Beyond what our eyes can see, there are legions of Angels, Archangels and ​your personal Spirit Guides. These Angels and Guides are constantly waiting to have you ask for their guidance. As humans we have free will, still we can lean on our angels and guides to give us messages that we are desperately needing to hear. When we can quiet the outside world and go within, we find the voice of the Divine. 

(30) $65 (60)$95